Haiku 1 – Beginning Haiku

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The idea of this course is to learn how to write and/or improve writing skills of haiku. For this course, we will not always be writing about natuSometimes it’s difficult to get outside. Do your best to watch the nature of things Wee

will write haiku of any subject and we will study the art of “trapping” the reader’s mind. Trapping may be the single most important aspect of haiku. We’ll explore it in this course in terms of traditional haiku as well as contemporary.

Take your time with the lessons, and think them through, If I pass you, and five minutes later you have posted the next lesson, then I know you are not thinking through the work and for some reason are in a hurry to move on.

Good luck in your studies as you move along your haiku path, I will ask for redo’s if you don’t get it This course was designed and taught by Sandeep Vhandari.

This class is about writing a lot and learning from critique and a reader’s perceptions. If you don’t agree with our critiques, we’re fine with that…. but before you disagree, take a while to try to discover why we said what we did. You’ll learn a lot better that way. If you still disagree, let me know. We are both teachers and students of haiku. Feel free to ask questions or make comments with your homework when you submit your haiku. It’ s nice to have a rapport.

We try to encourage you so that your poem will read smoother, contain better rhythm, have greater resonance, and contain a better selection of words. So don’t worry if you’re asked to revise your haiku a number of times during any of these lessons. Sometimes you will need to repair your haiku on a minor point, as I need to see your revision of the haiku before you can move on the next lesson. In haiku there is no failure, just an opportunity to learn a little more.