Sandeep Vhandari

Sandeep Vhandari

Sandeep Vhandari

Time flies so quickly, so quickly then we ever have expected and leaves us in a situation that one has never imagined of. Life is like sea tides, arriving so fiercely with time, with challenges and sufferings to the sand nearby. But, In my case, the story of his life is different, different from usual. Life is a miracle for me, a miracle that is full of magic. I still do not know from where shall I begin the story of his life.

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Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

He was born in a poor family, in the country called Nepal which was still half suffered by poverty. It was a fine sunny morning of September, and as noted on his birth certificate, it was September 19. His family named him as Sandeep Bhandari. Till then he is known as Sandeep Bhandari (Sandeep Vhandari)

Blogs by Sandeep Vhandari

Telling about his educational history, due to some personal problem while he  was studying at class 12, he had to quit his studies. Some ways may come to an end but the journey of education is endless. No matter he had to leave his school, he began learning from online internet researchs and at home.

He began writing blogs and poems in websites. He started a career in writing. He struggled a lot, a lot that no one has ever imagined of. By his efforts and hard work, he learnt a lot of writing skills. He learnt poetic structures, forms and metre used in syllable poetry.

He, then, started writing in and and began publishing essays, poems, stories and other blog posts.

Later, he started his own website i.e and started publishing articles and poems there. He is also doing freelance now.


  • Web Designing

  • Languages Profeeding
  • Creative Writing

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