vhandari Teaching Academy Policy

We are all volunteer teachers here at vhandari. It is understood that some work full-time jobs, and “have a life” outside of vhandari; however, because you chose to take this on, it is expected that you grade the assignment in your lesson of course within one week, five days or one day at best. Most of us grade within one day. Immediate feedback is useful and appreciated by the students. If assignments are not graded in a timely manner, either I, or coordinator will grade the assignment.

Often members will join a class and not complete the assignments. A bit of gentle nudging is always nice. There are no time requirements, but we do like to see the students graduate.

Members can join any class they wish, unless there is a prerequisite.

On occasion there may be a problem between a student and teacher. If this happens, let the lead teacher know, and hopefully together the problem can be solved before dismissing the student. If the problem concerns a violation of vhandari policy, let the lead teacher know, and it will be reported to a moderator.

The Rules:

  • Grading will be done through the course system, and not through personal messaging.
  • If you would like to make changes in your class, you must let the “dean” know. This is to maintain the integrity of the classes/school.
  • Teachers will have only one vhandari account. Also, it is directly against the Vhandari site rules to use another member’s account, friend or family, as it may jeopardize their account.
  • Do not add a coordinator, or new class without permission.
  • Do not add yourself to a class as the teacher or coordinator. The, dean, will do this.
  • Conversations about students, complaints and so on, need to be in the topic section not the message board.
  • Keep political and religious beliefs to yourself.
  • Do not converse with students by telephone.

If a teacher breaks a rule, she or he will be given a warning; breaking a rule for a second time is cause for removal from the teacher’s group.

From CEO:

  • Course copyright is shared between teacher and site. If you disappear, we may accept a new volunteer to run/edit your course content.

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